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Our Services

System Design


  As consultants in the design of your system, Pneumatic Conveying Consultants will performs job site inspections to anaylize your needs.  We provide written design calcualations for the system components and specifications for the required purchased equipment.  We keep an open line of communication with the construction company engineers and supervise the installation.  We don't stop at supervision - We'll also perform the start-up and optimization of your pneumatic conveying system

System Optimization


    As experts in the industry, we are qualified to make suggestions and direction for modification of a system.  If further optimization is needed we perform a job site inspection of the subject system including an in-depth study of the drawings, operating data, reports and design criteria.

   Our goal is to increase system reliability and capacity, minimize wear on system components and reduce energy usage.

  A written report of the recommended corrective action along with the necessary support calculations will be provided.  Complete supervision of the installation and discussion with design engineers are performed to insure maximum optimization.



Trouble Shooting


   We will trouble shoot a system which is unsatisfactory or unreliable.  We will inspect the manufactured equipment for compliance with the original drawings.  After an in-depth study of the system's maintenance and performance records, we will evaluate the results and determine the cause of the malfunction.  We will supply  suggestions for cost efective modification to rectify the situation.

Expert Witness


   Pneumatic Conveying Consultants, LLC will work with their  attorney's who are handling cases involving pneumatic conveying systems.  We will aid attorney's understanding the application of pneumatic conveying to properly analyze cases and evaluate the claims being made.  If a case is taken to court, a member of our team is available to testify as an expert witness.

Educating / Training


   Lectures, seminars and training sessions have flexible course content that can be tailored to the system in your plant.  We will design unique courses based on your material handling process.

  A written course outline, as well as course notes are supplied in advance of the session.  Designated question and answer session are encouraged as a part of the training session.

Industries We Serve


Plastics and Petrochemicals



Minerals and Metals

Power Industry

Tire and Technical Ruibber


Market Segments Served:



Integrators / Compounders

Terminals / Distribution

End Users

Bid Evaluation


    We can aid you in writing the request for bids for components or a complete system.  When the vendor bids are received from potential suppliers, we will provide written reports with technical comparison and evaluations of the bids.  Included in our extensive evaluation will be a written and qualified recommendation.

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